Congratulations to Tony Way for being named V3Fights’ March “Fighter of the Month.”  On January 22, Tony Way made his V3Fights’ debut and won in dominant fashion over a game opponent in Jimmy White in just under a minute by submitting him with an ankle lock.  That win definitely catapulted Way’s status as one of the elite contenders in the already stacked V3Fights’ lightweight division.

Tony Way (22) is currently 7-1 and fights out of Team Hot Blood in Memphis, TN.  Tony has always been around the fight game, so MMA just came natural to him.  His father was a boxer, and it was there where Tony was introduced to combat sports and got his start.  Then during his senior year in high school, his friends were on the wrestling team and Tony dabbled in that a little and fell in love with both sports.   Three years ago he put it all together in an MMA gym and the rest is history.  Tony loves the science of the sport and putting everything together.  He holds several jiu-jitsu titles from different divisions and trains 4-5 days a week, 3-4 hours a day.  Tony is a true student of the sport and is always looking to learn and improve his skills.  His base gym is UFK (Ultimate Fitness Kickboxing) in Bartlett, TN, but he likes to cross train and will also work out at Jeff Mullens gym here in Memphis, Westside MMA in Little Rock, AR, or Paragon MMA in Corinth, MS.  However, the highlight of his MMA career so far was when he got to train in Atlanta with the likes of UFC/WEC fighters Diego Saraiva, Junior and Rafael Assuncao, and top featherweight contender Brian Bowles.  It was there, where he saw first hand what it takes to succeed in this sport.  His ultimate goal is to eventually make a living off of fighting, whether it be in Strikeforce, UFC, Dream (Japan), or even opening up his own gym. Another goal of his is to eventually train in Brazil.  According to Way, “Even in 20 years, you’ll be seeing me do something in MMA.  To me it’s the ultimate sport.”  He sees himself turning pro in 2-3 more fights.  His short-term goal is to hold the V3Fights’ Lightweight Championship.  He has beaten several fighters who have held belts, but never held one of his own.  That can all change on March 26 if he beats Isaac Ware on the V3Fights’ “Hall vs Chessor” card.  He and Ware are 1-1 against each other in grappling competition, but this will be the first time they actually compete against each other in MMA.  The winner of this fight may very well find himself as the top lightweight contender for the V3 belt.  Tony is very impressed with the V3Fights’ promotion and would love to represent them as their champion one day.

Although he devotes so much time to MMA, Way realizes that there are more important things in life.  He is a Katrina victim, and after experiencing that, fighting hand to hand combat in the cage is really nothing.  When not competing or training, Tony works at GNC during the day and does security at night for Minglewood Hall.  When he is not working or in the gym, he loves to just relax and watch TV and play with his pit bull.

On March 26, fight fans will get to witness a true mixed martial artist in the cage.  All of the hard work and dedication will pay off when Tony Way puts it all together against Isaac Ware.  So congratulations to Tony Way for being named V3Fights’ March “Fighter of the Month.”



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